Experienced personnel

Professional and experienced personnel is ready to help you at any time.

All natural products

We use only natural product in the cleaning process.

Top of the line equipment

We only use top of the line equipment for cleaning.

About Us

Our specialized company Rilex Co. provides different types of professional services for office cleaning. By hiring a team of workers to whom cleaning is everyday work, using professional machines and equipment, as well as high-quality chemical products, we guarantee high quality of provided services.

In our company jobs are systematized. Workers are assigned to certain positions depending on their qualifications and experience, are uniformed and equipped with efficient means, but we can safely say that they guarantee for the efficiency and discretion. The quality of their work in the object is monitored by supervisors and controllers who daily inspect hygiene.

The procurement of all basic labor resources and materials for the work of our employees is entirely done by our company that timely supplies the facility with: liquid cleaners, cloths, bags, buckets, hand cleaners, air refreshments, and if necessary, paper products, etc.

The best cleaning partner in the Region!
Professional equipment and agents

High-quality machines and means for cleaning and maintenance of your facilities!

We guarantee for quality

Our employees are supervised by staff in charge for quality performance.

Expanded network

Present in all major cities in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We provide the best cleaning
services for You

The range of our services covers almost all of your needs related to facilities maintenance

office space
industrial zones
office buildings
healthcare institutions
shopping centers
machine cleaning of all floor types
(marble, concrete, PVC granite, epoxy…)
polishing and floor coating…
engagement of alpinist climbers for high and inaccessible facade washing
snow cleaning
cleaning after construction works

In addition to regular hygiene we give great importance to the technical maintenance of facilities.

Here we mean: repair the lamp holders, small bravarskie work, snow removal and salting, painting common areas, unclogging sewers, fault diagnosis on the water and kanalizacijonoj network settings stair machines, gardening, maintenance lifts.

  1. Bulb replacement
  2. Repair of bulb sockets
  3. Small locksmith works
  4. Snow clearing and salt sprinkling
  5. Emergency interventions
  6. Painting common areas
  7. Unclogging sewers
  8. Diagnosis of water supply and sewerage network failures
  9. Stair automaton settings
  10. Gardening works
  11. Elevator maintenance
  1. Concreting of paths
  2. Roof repairs
  3. Facade installation
  4. Tiling
  5. Other construction works

You do not have time to devote to the plants in your business premises?

If you need professional and high-quality maintenance services, we do it for you by call or pre-agreed terms.

Maintenance of plants in your area as well as the area around your facility and let us be sure that our professional team to maintain your oasis of greenery in the best way.

Disinfection is a set of measures that are carried out with the aim of destroying harmful insects in order to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases in humans and animals, or to prevent property damage.

Preventive measures are the debugging and the group consisting of: a mechanical method (trap for insect pests and the mechanical closure of the route) of physical (separate device changes living conditions, such as changing the temperature, flow and the like), biological (natural enemies of insects), as well as chemical methods (use of insecticides).

Desinsection business premises will have preventive great impact on creating a healthy environment for work and material damage will be kept to a minimum.

Pest control is systematic destruction of mice, rats and other rodents pests.

The systematic destruction of the pest should be done twice a year and during times when rodents are most active, in the fall and spring.

Why to choose Us!
Benefits of daily maintenance
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    Always clean

    Constantly – every day at a very high level completely clean office space;

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    One company

    No need to engage other companies for periodic hygiene tasks;

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    Makes it easy to control the level of hygiene, because it is known who is responsible;

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    Constant number of workers

    Always agreed number of perpetrators regardless to sick leaves and absence;

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    Hygiene and cleaning agents

    Reduces the obligations of your employees (bursar) for the procurement, storage and distribution of consumables and protective devices; as well as the procurement and maintenance of basic agents necessary for hygiene tasks;

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    Interior maintenance

    Prolongs the interior lifetime;

System of quality

The continuity of the high quality standards


By working on the continuous improvement of processes and services that we provide, we strive to fulfill the highest standards in its field. To achieve this, we have established an effective system of communication with our customers, but also with other stakeholders, and the knowledge and skills of our employees are continually refined and expanded.

Increasing our customers level of satisfaction, as well as environmental protection are our permanent jobs. To this end business system has established documented system of quality management according to ISO 9001: 2008 and Environmental Management System, which is defined by standard 14001: 2004, continuous improvement of which is determination and responsibility of the highest management. We also have the Certificate Management Systems OHSAS 18001.

News, trends and developments in the field of maintenance and hygiene business premises
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